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About JJ Lee, 
Commitment Whisperer 
  * Certificate in life coaching through Zur Institute
  * Certified Reiki practitioner and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist
  * Three decades in behavior-change fields - fitness training, addiction, etc
  * Toured United States offering workshops, trainings and classes in over    
     three dozen venues - Motivational Interviewing, yoga, self discovery and
  * Published articles in newspapers, magazines and Internet platforms on 
     holistic approaches to wellness
  * Expertise in Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused approaches
  * Skilled facilitator of mindfulness-based programs
  * Former amateur competitive body builder and fitness trainer
  * Mentored students toward certification in multiple disciplines
  * Produced yoga and meditation CD, "Coffee Breaks: Perfect Yoga for an 
     Imperfect World"
   * Innovative and creative approach valuing self discovery and         

Widely recognized as an inspirational teacher, JJ skillfully uses her extensive experience, limitless warmth, and a healthy dose of humor and playfulness to transform difficult subjects and experiences, to motivate groups and individuals.  

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